Welcome to GrowingNV

Fostering Reno's (and surrounding areas) local food community!

About Us

We are you! We are attemping to think globally and act local! 

We are interested and passionate about eating healthy and delicious food, supporting local food businesses- and therefore the local economy- and are looking for ways to build relationship with the land and the people in our community to work towards a better food system.

Why You Should Join Us

We are in the early days here ... We know the importance of community and are exploring various ways of cultivating one that helps support an abundant local food community. The more input and energy we have, the more momentum we can create! Join, share, learn, reach, teach, connect, grow, and enjoy.

A Big Thanks

Thanks for checking out and/or joining our Mighty Network! We are excited to connect and can't wait to see what we'll build together.

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